Apple of my eye or fade to grey

West pier in mist LE

The image is a long exposure for which I used a 10 stop filter, I was interested to see what effect the long exposure would have on the on the sea mist which came down so suddenly, it made the mist so thick that it made the old burnt down pier almost disappear.

Picked up my Macbook from the Apple store on Thursday which was in for repair (for a known problem with graphics card known as the grey screen) it has been running really badly for the last month crashing out every time I try open an image or even going on the net, it would show a black screen then I would have to try and reboot this would show a grey screen, repeat again 4 or 5 times till login screen shows, hence a lack the of activity on this site.

Having bought my Macbook used (it is coming up to 4 years old) and it was also from another country, I was under the illusion that I would have to pay to repair it, so was putting it off and expecting a hefty bill for new mother board and labour, so I bit the bullet and booked a visit to a genius bar.

The first thing to say is the staff where great they told me it was free as it was a common problem.


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