Back to the future

This was taken last year when I had transportation (a motorbike which was sent to the great scrapyard in the sky hitting a car which never a good idea) so I unable to get to remote locations anymore so no longer do landscapes, this has lead to me concentrating on Street, Architecture & Seascapes so expanding my library of images.

This was shot at 5 am on a Sunday morning to get a the sunrise, I really like the way grass looks like waves and sunlight coming through the mist and then catching grass.

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    1. realdelboy says:

      Thank you Laura, had to get up early for it

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  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful image, the light as Lara says is just magical!


    1. realdelboy says:

      Thanks Karen, it is a place I used to pass every day and saw the long grass had been flattened, so went to catch the sunrise

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  2. joshi daniel says:

    this is so gorgeous 🙂


    1. realdelboy says:

      You are so kind, looking at your images is so inspirational, make me want to improve my street shooting


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