Nobodies fault but mine

Klara arms fold Mono

This is Klara who used to work in our graphics department (she has since gone freelance but comes in when we are busy), she is the one who encouraged me to develop my own photographic web site (this) and she was almost poking fun at me for being lazy, she asked me to do a few photographs for the wordpress website she was building which is a great site by the way so please visit she is amazingly talented & really hard working (I do not say that lightly), so we both got in early and I took some shots we had about 15 minutes before having to start work, I would have liked to have shot some more in better light (us photographers always want better light) as I had to raise the ISO also the framing is not perfect in my eyes.

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  1. Smaaak says:

    I visited her site and you are right, I like the site !


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