Stoddart House BW

Stoddart House at the Oval, Kennington, South London, this place has a special place in my heart, it may be rough at the edges, but it is where I played with toys, kicked footballs & kissed for the first time lawns behind it, it was a tiny flat with two bedrooms and bath was in the kitchen with a worktop over it so you could chop vegetables, so when anyone needed a bath the kitchen had to be evacuated, but the thing I remember most is the sense of community, people looked out for each other, I was always being looked after by people when my mother was working.

The image here is not the best image I have taken but does take me back to those formative years.

This is the first blog for Blogging 101 March course & hope I understand the idea, please let me know if I have missed the mark on an assignment

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