Digital Perspective Control

London More No 7

Hi there this is my first post, so anything you feel that could be improved let me know as I hope to learn as much as possible.

Here I am going to give information on how I converted an Ultra Wide Angle lens (UWA) image to have straight vertical lines, now most Architecture photography books will tell you to use a PC lens (Perspective control lens) this is great if you have the budget for such a piece of equipment (I and most other photographers do not), the so the way around this is using software such as Lightroom or Photoshop, now I used Lightroom 5 for this image by going to Lens correction and use Basic tab enable profile lens correction then I selected vertical, now you will see that some of image has white areas this will need to be cropped away manually (this is a downside of not using a PC lens in that you do lose some information), you may need to adjust aspect in the manual tab.

Shooting preparation

At this point I would say that the more space around and the straighter image the better as you will not lose as much important information such as building, so shoot a little further away and point straight at building and not upwards this will help a lot in post production.

Please feel free to comment good or bad below

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