Self promotion

Self promotion Hi there been a while since posting, but thought would be good to get back on the bike (as they say). I did a a self portrait for my CV, so of I went one morning to a new building in Crawley for Elekta Record company which is a really quite interesting building…

changing of the light

I took a few pictures of this spiral staircase in Heal’s store in London, the thing that caught my eye when processing this was the light changing half way up where the natural light comes in through the windows, and no I did not enhance the colours but included below is a mono version, Hope you like…


This is a beautifully designed subway with LED lit wall running down one side and a sloping curved wall on the other, it takes you to Kings Cross underground station here are a few versions that I did not use see what you think

Wellcome Swirl

I got off my backside yesterday and went to London for the day to do a bit of shooting, this is at the Wellcome Cellection near Euston which is a fascinating building which a mixture art deco and modern this spiral staircase was built recently and I just love the twist and turns and was pleasure…

Take five

I am not a natural street shooter, always feel self conscious when taking and ask the question of will they mind? this I supposes shows some of my human condition, but I shot this at the Tate and liked combination of five people all acting differant parts in the scene.


I was going to go to London on Satuday but was put off by the overcast and flat sky, so on the way back from a friends house we stopped off in a little hamlet of Burstow in Surrey which on the flight path for Gatwick & it struck me that the St Bartholomew’s Church is…


Managed to capture this rather shy Heron (it would fly away when anyone got near) whilst walking around a local lake, I do not do to many wildlife shots as my lens range does not suit it, they are more suited for landscape and architecture, but was attracted to the distorted reflection.


I don’t do many nature shots these days, but got up early this morning and took some shots around a local park, I was taken by the light on these reeds in  the lake, converted to B&W to add to the mood and to enhance the reflections.  

Half light

This new subway in new cross took me ages to find, that is because it was having some maintenance on it so most of the lights were off and the doors were close (but not locked) so when I did shoot it I needed my tripod and had a security man saying I should not…